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Anxiety and Stress Resources

1. Here is a compassion meditation you can use to give yourself some comfort for dealing with life's stresses.    Although I say it is 8 minutes in the recording, I realized after it was closer to 11 minutes.  Keep taking good care of yourself!

2. A Pinterest Board with ideas to relieve some of your stress...

3. A playful 10 Day Challenge to help you overcome stress and anxiety about your body....10 Day Body Love Challenge

An online quizz to find out if you are highly sensitive (Quizzes  like these can be helpful to inspire some ideas on how you might make some changes to invite more comfort into your life:

Childhood Emotional Stress and Trauma

A useful resource explaining the influence of childhood traumatic stress on anxiety...

Gender Identity and Body Image

1. An excellent article that inspires my approach to working with persons who identify as trans/non-binary.  I focus on supporting trans identified clients resist oppressive messages and stay connected to personal dignity.

2.  A list of some of the Vancouver resources for folks who identify as trans and their allies: 

Resource List

3. A great article for parents  and allies of gender creative kids:

Meet the New Generation of Gender Creative Kids

4. Great personal essay with practical suggestions for dealing with gender dysphoria:

9 Strategies for Dealing with Body Dysphoria

Building Self Love