Take a breather...

Yesterday I met with my good friend Mercedes in preparation for our workshop on November 6th.   Chatting over a deliciously prepared lunch of fresh salad, homemade soup, fresh butter and scones, we talked about how learning to breath has  been a lifesaver in sticky situations.  When life gets rough, when your boss gets demanding, your child gets bossy, or your beloved one is reminding you of a combination of your boss and child, breathing through the difficulties of daily life can be the difference between losing your cool (and possibly the relationship) and connecting with composure.

It sounds so  simple, but learning to take a moment to reconnect with yourself, to literally "catch your breath" can provide you an opportunity to cool off and respond more effectively.  Here are some quick tips to help you through your day today:

1.  Accept that you will have irritations in your day.  Traffic will not go at your pace, your co-workers will aggravate you, and you probably will have worries...Huge, seemingly insurmountable worries.  Accept them as part of being human. Yay!

2. Set your alarm (hopefully with a gentle tone) every hour to take a breathing break. During this breathing break, take 5 minutes to sit quietly with yourself.  

3. Place one hand over your heart and let the other hand rest on your belly.  Then breath into your belly, aiming for the area just below your belly button.  

3. Notice your belly.  Sometimes we hold our bellies in during the day for a variety of reasons. If you can, during the breathing exercise, just let your beautiful belly go soft.

5.  Let your jaw relax open and continue to take some deep breaths into your belly.  Then just notice how you feel.  

6. Ask yourself, "what might be helpful to me?"  Perhaps you notice that you actually have some physical needs that would be helpful to take care of-do you need a quick walk? water?a snack?  Maybe there is a situation with someone you care about that you actually need to stop trying to solve today?  If you are feeling overwhelmed, do you need to focus on what is most important and drop the rest?  Do you need to give yourself a big hug?  Whatever answer comes up for you, pay it some attention.

I hope this helpful to you!  If you would like to learn more about connecting breath to creativity and intention, join us for a free workshop at Vital Health Kitsilano Friday November 6th please register at http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/exit-the-stage-enter-your-life-acting-class-for-living-tickets-18855470219?aff=es2.

Have a great day!