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Are you tired of having fear hold you back?  Tired of hurting on the inside while looking like you have it all together on the outside?  Do you find yourself:

  • Wondering if and where you fit in?
  • Stressed about your relationships?
  • Cycling through the same worries? 
  • Feeling drained, stuck, frustrated? 
  • Having trouble making it through work?
  • Worried about your next audition, test, flight, or speaking gig? 
  • Attracted to the same emotionally unavailable mate over and over?

You may be the quiet one who finds solace in reading a great novel.   The"weird" one who doodles in class.  The energetic mover and shaker, who feels most alive when moving to a beat.   The observer who captures experience through words or images...you are the dreamer yearning for something new...in some ways, just a bit "different"...Whatever that means...

Photo by Justine Warrington

Photo by Justine Warrington

If these descriptions resonate with you, I may be a good fit.  You deserve to have a counsellor that will invite the fullness of who you are into the counselling process.  

My name is Maedean Yvonne Myers, BFA, MC, RCC.  I provide compassionate and effective counselling for adults and adolescents.   I am passionate about supporting folks cope successfully with personal challenges.   

Whether you are dealing with a concern you are too embarrassed to talk about,  stress related to relationship issues or life transitions, or  you're tired of feeling panicky or nervous in certain situations, I am here to support you with acceptance and practical skills.   

Together we will cultivate the seeds of strength, courage, and resilience budding within you through compassionate conversation and artful exploration.   


  • I build on your personal strengths, abilities, and resources
  • I am compassionate and effective 
  • I support you by helping you explore unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, ineffectual thoughts, and limiting beliefs 
  • My approach integrates  Solution FocusedNarrative, Person Centered, Mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy, and Gestalt
  • I invite your creative voice in our collaboration through guided creative activities 
Finding the center of strength within ourselves is in the long run the best contribution we can make...this is what our society needs...persons who can “be”, that is, persons who have a center of strength within themselves.
— Rollo May
gender identity counselling in Vancouver



Stress and Anxiety Counselling

Breakup/ Divorce Recovery Counselling

Childhood Emotional Stress and Trauma Counselling

Affirmative Counselling for LGBTQIA

Multicultural/Mixed Heritage Counselling

Counselling for (HSP) Highly Sensitive Persons

Counselling for Creativity 

Smoking Addiction 


Crime Victims Assistance Program service provider

Individual Adult counselling

Individual Adolescent counselling (16+)


Consulting for Audition and Public Speaking anxiety 


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I will support you to: 

  • feel more grounded and capable of dealing with life's challenges
  • develop your unique coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety
  • identify your personal needs and communicate them effectively
  • improve your relationship with yourself and the people in your life
  • live with greater optimism, energy, and vitality