Description of Focus Areas

For those of you who would like more help in choosing the right counsellor....

Vancouver counselling for stress and anxiety

Vancouver Counselling for Stress and Anxiety

I saw this little bird perched on a lone pole and admired its fearlessness.   The changing blustery winds serve as a way to explore ever expanding vistas.  Rather than being afraid of changing skies, the bird uses change to soar...

Vancouver Counselling for Breakup Recovery

Vancouver Counselling for Breakup Recovery

When you feel like the life you imagined has been blown away, remember that even in the midst of what feels like unbearable heartbreak, you hold the seeds of a new beginning...

Vancouver Counselling for Gender Identity

Vancouver Counselling for LGBTQIA+

You deserve to feel safe, accepted, and affirmed for who you are...I strive to be an educated ally and provide a supportive space for you to discuss relationships, sex, identity, experiences of discrimination,  intimacy on your journey to self love.