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Un-Masking: An Exploration of the Multi-Faceted Self

We all wear masks every day; at work, at home, & at play… We adjust what we reveal of ourselves in relation to where we are, whom we are with and what is expected of us…but sometimes these masks can start to feel false, over-used and disconnected from who you are & what you actually want to express.

But what if you could express more of who you are & who you aspire to be? What would it feel like to express more confidence… more playfulness…more calm…what if you could explore aspects of ourselves that you want to reveal instead of conceal?

Well, you can… Join me with co-facilitator Mercedes Baines, (RCC, CCC, CAC) in a workshop that encourages you to create & play with the many aspects of yourself.

This workshop will consist of: 

a.brief history of mask making
b. a guided visualization to explore some  daily “masks”
c. mask making using simple tools
d. experiential interaction with mask personas
e. group discussion
f. personal reflection
g. closing ceremony
No arts experience is required. Sliding Scale Tickets $10-$25  Book your tickets here: