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Upcoming Vancouver Workshops for Stress

Below please find group workshops I am interested in starting in Vancouver.  If you would like more information simply send me an email at and I will notify you when they start.   

Stress Less Living

Feeling overwhelmed? Worn out and just plain tired? Join me for this 4 week long group to share experiences, discuss strategies for realistically decreasing stress and leave with practical tools for shifting from high stress to low stress living. Email for more information.

Introverted Speakers and Performers

Do you yearn to be heard but find yourself afraid of taking center stage in your profession? As a "shy" performer myself for 15 years,  I can appreciate some of what you may be going through. In this 4 week group learn how to develop greater compassion for yourself, develop an encouraging inner voice, and learn practical tools for developing the skills to speak when needed. Email for more information.